The Quickest Path to Precise Wakes

The most precise wakes are formed by some of the most advanced technologies in the industry. From the innovative patented and industry-exclusive AutoWake® 2 to our high-performance surf boat systems, the same advancements that propel professional wakeboard and wakesurf athletes comes standard on your Supra®.

Perfection at your fingertips

In addition to automatically adjusting ballast for a precisely-shaped wake and wave, our second generation of AutoWake® features Predictive State Technology that begins measuring and adjusting ballast before the boat even leaves the dock.

Mega Velocity Ballast System

This system features six fast-filling ballast pumps, drastically reducing the time it takes to get to the predicted state.

Custom Rider Profiles

Your personalized wake and wave is always waiting with customizable rider profiles.

Predictive State Technology

This all-new innovation senses and fills the ballast to predicted levels to provide a precise wave.

Pitch and Roll Adjustment

AutoWake® constantly measures pitch and roll and automatically drains or fills ballast to maintain optimal hull position to produce precise wakes and waves.

Swell Surf System

We’ve revamped the Supra® Swell™ System to provide tall waves with long pockets and optimal push that are consistent on both sides. Perfect for riders who like to transfer from side to side.

Supra Smart Plate

The Supra® SmartPlate™ has multiple functions. It can adjust the length or shape of the wake or wave to make it customizable for a rider. The plate can also be deployed to smooth out rough water.

Supra Launch System

The Supra® Launch System puts your boat on plane faster with a full ballast. Both the Swell™ Surf 3.0 and the SmartPlate™ deploy during take-off, providing lift while accelerating to bring you from a standstill to gliding across the water surface in no time.

Want To Dive Even Deeper?