Trev, Coach, Dad, Daddy

  • Nickname Trev, Coach, Dad, Daddy
  • Hometown Clermont, FL
  • Stance Goofy
  • Speed 24.5 mph
  • Fav. trick Pete Rose
  • Fav. place Home on Lake Minnehaha
  • Fav. food Little bit of everything. BBQ, Sushi. Italian, Mexican… I like it all.
  • Ketchup or Mustard Mustard
  • Turkey or Ham Turkey 
  • Super Hero Batman 
  • Super Smash Brothers Name No idea
  • First Trick Not sure. Tantrum was my first invert.
  • Spare Time Hang out with my family. Ive got 2 little girls 3 and 6 and they keep me pretty busy. I like to Hunt, fish, golf and camp so those of my top activities when not on the water.  
  • Craziest Place I’ve been fortunate to travel a bunch and have enjoyed every place for different reasons but for craziest the answer is Egypt that place is nuts  
  • Career Highlights
    • 2010: WWA World Championships – 3rd
    • 2009: Australian Pro Tour: Stoney Park – 3rd
    • 2007: Pro Wakeboard Tour: Kelowna – 2nd
    • 2006: Wake Games – 3rd
    • 2006: Gravity Games – 3rd

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