Endless Summer Sales Event

We are offering a 7 Year Factory Powertrain Warranty! For additional exclusive discounts and incentives contact your local dealer.

Supra SE


450 | 575

24' 5"

Overall Length


Seating Capacity

4,100 lbs

Sub-floor Ballast

Starting at $157,400

Our biggest towboat sets the bar of what a towboat should be. The 2021 Supra® SE™ is the benchmark in towboat performance.

Supra SL


400 | 450 | 575

23' 5"

Overall Length


Seating Capacity

3,500 lbs

Sub-floor Ballast

Starting at $144,800

A larger boat means bigger wakes and waves. This boat is built for unforgettable surf and wakeboard sessions.

Supra SA


400 | 450 | 575

22' 5"

Overall Length


Seating Capacity

3,500 lbs

Sub-floor Ballast

Starting at $142,800

Impressive features and performance define this build. It’s also the Official Towboat of Supra Boats Pro Wake Tour.


Supra SR


400 | 450

20' 11"

Overall Length


Seating Capacity

3,300 lbs

Standard Ballast

Starting at $127,600

An achievement in crossover excellence, the Supra® SR™ has all of the features and luxury that can fit in 20'11".

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The Supra difference:

Our story

As with most things in life, the more you commit, the better the end result. At Supra boats, We proudly remain independent so we can put everything we can into our luxury wakeboard boats — including the time it takes to make sure every build that comes off our line is as close to perfect as possible.