Water Sport Boat Safety

Skier’s Choice encourages all boating participants to learn and follow safe boating practices. There are risks associated with boating and water sport activities. Be mindful of the risks, familiarize yourself with the environment, know your limits and conduct yourself accordingly. Read your Owner’s Manual and adhere to all warnings.

Carbon Monoxide and Water Sports Safety

Carbon Monoxide: A Silent Killer:

Carbon monoxide, sometimes called a “silent killer,” is a hazard that all boaters should be aware of. It is an odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas that can overcome an individual in a matter of seconds.
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USCG Press Release on Carbon Monoxide and Teak Surfing

Provides articles and links on the dangers of carbon monoxide and teak surfing
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USCG Carbon Monoxide Information

Where CO may accumulate
How to protect yourself & others
Checklist and Maintenance


WSAI Wake Responsibly

Trailer Towing Regulations

Trailer Towing Regulations : Guide


Salt Water Corrosion