400 | 450 | 575
  • 23' 5"


  • 17


  • 3,500 lbs


Supra SL Profile
Supra SL 3/4
Supra SL Interior
Supra SL Overhead

2021 Supra SL

Inner Strength. Outer Beauty.

Top wakeboard boats throw huge wakes and surf performance that leaves an impression—that’s what the Supra® SL delivers, and then some. Throw massive waves and huge sessions behind this leading-edge performance towboat.

Supra SL Overhead



Add traction and functional style throughout your Supra with GatorStep non-skid flooring. Available in 15 colorways, it’s just another way to make your statement.


Functional Seating


The versatile rear-facing convertible seat flips to unveil a standard table and cup holders so you can relax in comfort with your guests. The triple port lounge is equal parts comfortable and stylish.

floor storage

In-floor Storage


Bring it all, and then some. In-floor storage goes a long way to help keep your cabin organized, yet full of all the gear, boards and equipment you need on hand.

bow seating

Chill Tech Vinyl


Chill Tech Vinyl stays cool to the touch in direct sunlight to make relaxing and lounging even more comfortable—and makes dark interior colors attractive build options.


Surf Pipe


Add a surf pipe to keep your waves as clean as possible for surfing while lowering the exhaust note.

vision control

Vision Control


Three advanced touchscreen displays in the Vision Control System enhance the experience for the driver and passengers alike. Control lighting, music, heaters, and more with the touch of a finger.

JL audio



In addition to dual 10" M-6 subwoofers, 7.7" bow and 8.8” cockpit speakers, add up to four 8.8" M-6 JL tower speakers to push your premium JL Audio sound to the next level.

Dual Thrusters


New for 2021, our exclusive Dual Stern Thrusters give you precise control from a simple twist of a knob. Designed for improved maneuverability while docking, trailering or picking up a rider, you’ll have more control on the water than ever before.

All-new Heated Captain’s Chair


Boldly designed with exposed frame and inset accents, these advanced seats offer many standard features not seen in competitive products like software integration, power motion and heated base and back.

Supra Swell Surf w/ AutoWake


The Supra Swell System delivers tall waves with long pockets and optimal push that are consistent on both sides. Perfect for riders who like to transfer from side to side. Together with our game-changing AutoWake, you’re always in a position to throw the ideal wake or wave.

3,500 lbs Sub-Floor Ballast


The Mega Velocity Ballast System in the SL holds a huge 3,500 lbs sub-floor ballast. The system uses six pumps to reduce fill times and uses advanced ballast sensors to deliver pro-level wakes and waves.

All-New Underwater Transom RGBW Lights


Add stylish function to your SL with a variety of innovative lighting options like all-new underwater transom RGBW, LED docking lights and LED tower docking lights.

JL Audio


In addition to dual 10” M-6 subwoofers, 7.7” bow and 8.8” cockpit speakers, add up to four 8.8” M-6 JL tower speakers to push your premium JL Audio sound to the next level.


This proven powerplant by Indmar is 6.2L of towboating perfection. This 16-valve V8 has maximum low torque is class-leading fuel-efficiency and low emissions.

Raptor Engine 400


For most applications, the standard Raptor by Indmar 400 offers plenty of power, but if you like a little extra torque to get on plane or just prefer to get there faster opt for an additional 60 horsepower and 46 ft-lbs of torque with the Raptor by Indmar 6.2L 450 upgrade.

Raptor Engine 450


There is no substitute for power, and in our industry power equals torque. That’s why Supra® offers the optional ROUSHcharged™ by Indmar 575 6.2L Engine. The ROUSHcharged by Indmar package takes the industry leading Raptor by Indmar engine package and pairs it with the innovation of Roush Performance to crank out 580 hard working ft-lbs of torque.

Raptor Engine 575





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Supra SL
Supra SL
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SL Specs

Toggle Spec Measurements
  • 23' 5"

    7.1 m

    overall length

  • 25' 7"

    7.8 m

    length w platform

  • 27' 10"

    8.5 m

    trailer length

  • 17


    seating capacity

  • 102"

    2.6 m


  • 102"

    2.6 m

    width w trailer

  • 73 gals

    276.3 L

    fuel capacity

  • 5,600 lbs

    2,540.1 kg

    boat weight

  • 7,200 lbs

    3,265.9 kg

    boat and trailer weight

  • 2,500 lbs

    1,134 kg

    weight capacity

  • 3,500 lbs

    1,587.6 kg

    standard ballast

  • 400 | 450 | 575

    400 | 450 | 575


Supra reviews

Find out what Supra owners have to say about their towboats.

Pushing the limits of perfection

Jesse Sherman M

Loving my new Supra! The SL 450 performs incredibly, and produces the best waves on the lake! Smooth, powerful, and able to accommodate a lot of passengers and gear. Everything about the boat is top notch. I wouldn't trade it for any other make of boat, period. Well done, Skiers Choice!

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Timothy D

Great boat, great dealership, great fun

The Grey Goose!

Danielle F

Our Supra 2021 SL400 that we've dubbed "The Grey Goose" for it's all light graphite hull with black accents is hands down the best boat we've ever owned. The fit and finish, intuitiveness, level of technology, surf system adaptability and comfort are second to none. We are very happy we decided to go with the Supra over the other manufacturer's that we looked at.

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2020 SL 450


Great boat, amazing features with outstanding performance


Neil M

Ive had 3 supras now and they just keep getting better and better, my 2020 SL is amazing.. I have had zero complaints.. We have put 250 hours on it this year and have had zero issues.. The interior is amazing. This is the first boat I have owned where I can honestly say I would not change a single thing.. Its crazy how much they nailed it..

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Supra SL 400

Stanley K

Amazing boat! Great surf and wakeboard wake. The fit and finsh and performance of this boat is exceptional. So glad I made the decision to purchase a Supra after having many great years on my 2013 moomba Mobius LSV.

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Great Boat!!

Consistent Customized Wakes

Norman H

We now have 125 hours on our 2019 SL450 and cannot be more satisfied with the reliability, the great style and luxury of the boat, but most of all with the consistency in shaping wakes for both surf and wakeboard riders. Whether it is a crew of 3 or 12, a full tank of gas or empty we can adjust and save our settings for a perfect wake for each rider. The economy is great too, with the engine purring at relatively low revs for both regular and goofy setups when fully loaded.

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ORR Marine Supra SL450

Kyle H

I’ve owned a 2017 Moomba Craz Surf Edition and now a 2021 Supra SL450 and both boats have provided my family with a lifetime of fun memories. Both boats have met and exceeded my expectations on bringing my kids along with their friends around their “uncool” parents almost every weekend of the summer. Whereas before my children were off every weekend to their friends boating excursions. For the last 4 summers I’ve had my kids, plus some, back hanging with the me all weekend. #cooldad #memories

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Great Surf Boat!

Del C

I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the wave the boat produces for surfing!

20 Supra sl450

Matt B

I can’t tell you how impressed we are with this boat. Nick at Romoboco was great to deal with. He allowed us to use his build slot to pick exactly the colors and options we wanted. We mainly surf and everyone can agree that we have all improved significantly mainly because the boat throws a great wave. 50 hrs on it now in 4 weeks!

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Love this boat!


I love my boat! This Supra SL450 is a great boat, and provides the surfing and wakeboarding wake that I required!

Purchase of the Perfect boat, and experince

Charles M

The team at the Slalom shop has provided the perfect experience to purchasing a boat. I purchased a 2020 sl 450 from Jeremy Lear at the Slalom Shop and plan for the years to come to remain a Supra owner! Keep up the good work, I only see great things in the future with this boat brand! Two months and 80+ hours on the boat, I would say this has been the perfect boat for my family!

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It’s Supra or Nothing

Jason S

If you’re in Utah MARIND PRODUCTS is the absolute authority on all things Supra, it’s my second Supra I’ve owned and the SL runs like a dream!

Great customer service and knowledge of their products

Phillip B

The salesman have great knowledge of the boats and are willing to meet you on the water and give you a demo of how your boat works. The showroom at boat country is beautiful when it’s loaded with boats. I would recommend this place if your looking for a boat.

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Surf like a pro!

Car Pros L

Our family has surfed on all the competitors and we will continue to purchase Supra boats.

Super Super Supra

Robert T

Just purchased new Supra. Loved the technology on the boat. Youngest daughter easily was able to surf a wake. Family/friends easily towed with a 4 person tube. Previously owned a Tige. This boat is superior for less money in my opinion.

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Jeremy Y

If you want great quality control and build of your boat, and a no hassle wave (no tweaking settings) right out of the box. Supra is your answer

I love my Supra and my Boat dealership even more!

Patrick P

Performance Marina in Osage Beach, MO is one of the best buying experiences I have had. Ive been in Sales 29 years and Joe Norton and Jeff Sartain sell but walk you thru the boat purchasing process. They help yo make the right decision for your family. I have the Supra SL 450 and it is awesome! Surfing unreal, cruising satisfaction off the charts!

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Supra SL 450

Kevin P

After a year of ownership, I feel the Supra SL is the "Perfect Boat". Supra's build quality and features rival or exceed other manufacturers at higher price points. This is the first time in my life I haven't had "boat envy" for other boats I see out on the lake. I just feel sorry for those who paid too much for an inferior product.

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