A Better Towboat experience by design

Preview our 2019 Supra models, including the all-new SE, and discover a towboat experience built where passion meets precision.


The Apex of our innovation

The all-new 2019 Supra SE delivers everything we know about making the highest-performing towboats in one massive, powerful and refined place.

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Vision Control

The all-new Vision Control system from Supra is where refined design meets total control. Three advanced new touchscreen displays heighten the driver and passenger experience with intuitive navigation, sleek design and one-touch access to every control and setting that matters.

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The boat that builds destinies

Get trusted and legendary high performance at the helm of the Official Towboat of Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour. Start building your dreams with the 2019 Supra SA

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The Cutting Edge Wake Monster

Experience industry-leading innovation and high performance from every angle in every category that matters— only from a 2019 Supra SL.

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The Crossover that Defies Compromise

There’s no feeling like the punch of industry-leading crossover performance engineered throughout every inch of the 2019 Supra SR.

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