Discover how high performance, precision engineering, bold design and refined interiors make Supra® boats the best towboats on the water.

The Apex Of Our Innovation

The All-New 2020 Supra SE™ delivers everything we know about making the highest-performing towboats in one massive, powerful and refined place.


Vision Control System

Experience the industry exclusive new Vision™ Control System with three advanced new touchscreen displays that deliver complete control to the driver. Its intuitive navigation and sleek design make it easy to control every aspect of your Supra.

Make your statement.

Smarter wakes and waves.

AutoWake is an autopilot system for your wakes and waves. It’s our patented and industry-exclusive hull management system that automatically and intuitively manages hull position to deliver precise wakes and waves to any rider, in any water condition without passenger interruption or driver distraction. *AutoWake patent information can be found at https://www.skierschoice.com/patents-trademarks/